Nikkie Pryce is focused on inspiring and motivating people to put action behind their dreams.
Being in the media industry and working directly with the public, she has experience pushing people past their own created limitations.

She has earned the title of "self-love influencer" through her organization, The I AM Community.
The community is comprised of dreamers who encourage self-love and self-awareness, starting with “I AM” affirmations. 

What all started as a simple journey to finding her own self-love became a phenomenon of connections and solid relationships.

A highly-recommended motivational speaker, Nikkie speaks publicly at corporate conferences, non-profit organizations, women’s retreats, youth girl groups, schools, and church functions.
Her latest book is the self-help, Dreamers, Take Action!



About the Book:

Author: Nikkie Pryce
Publisher: Opportune Publishing
Pages: 118
Genre: Self-help / Self-improvement / Self-motivation

I remember going through stages in my life where I had no money; I was broken in spirit and mind.

One day I realized in order to make more money and live the life I wanted, I had to start with myself.

I started reading tons of self-help books, prayed more and did affirmation exercises to lift my self-esteem. It was time to see growth.

If you are ready to challenge yourself and start seeing better results from your creative ideas, then this book is for you.

Dreamers, Take Action! is an actionable blueprint for creating the life you want.

This book is equipped with steps and daily challenges that I’ve taken to change a few needed things. 

I've joined new networks with successful people, I’m finishing projects that I’ve started, and I am walking through open doors of lucrative opportunities, all by following one simple step.

That step is taking action.

Follow me into this journey as I vulnerably explain the road I took to get to where I am.

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to work diligently to finish what you’ve started.

I trust that you’re ready to take that leap of faith.



What’s inside the mind of a self-improvement author? 

That we are always finding ways to become our best selves. We are wanting to create ways to do more and serve more people while we are at it. There’s always the thought “how can I be my best self at all times?”

What is so great about being an author? 

The feeling of finishing. For me, finishing something that I poured my heart and soul into made me feel proud and accomplished. The sense of knowing that your work will be in the hands of people all across the world is unexplainable.

When do you hate it? 

I’m not sure I’ve gotten that feeling yet. I am hoping I never do.

What is a regular writing day like for you? 

Quiet, focused and sitting in front of my computer.

How do you handle negative reviews? 

I acknowledge them and keep moving forward. My work isn’t for everyone and I understand that.

How do you handle positive reviews? 

I acknowledge and thank my supporters. It’s a blessing when someone supports you when they don’t have too.

What is the usual response when you tell a new acquaintance that you’re an author? 

They are so amazed and excited. They immediately invest in the book. That’s what it’s about. Showing genuine support!

What do you do on those days you don’t feel like writing? Do you force it or take a break? 

Take a complete break. I am like a robot at times. If I don’t take mental breaks I will become uninspired.

Any writing quirks? 

I eat banana peppers when I write. It’s super weird but I guess the tanginess keeps me alert and focused, lol.

What would you do if people around you didn’t take your writing seriously or see it as a hobby? 

My writing isn’t for everyone. As long as I take it seriously, eventually they will do the same.

Some authors seem to have a love-hate relationship to writing. Can you relate? 

Not so much. I love writing. It’s therapeutic for me.  

Do you think success as an author must be linked to money? 

No, way. It’s about the amount of people you can reach through your writing. When you focus on impact, the money will come.

What has writing taught you? 

Discipline and that I will never waste any more of my time. Writing this book transitioned me into a better person. The process made me different. It taught me to trust the process no matter how long it takes.

Leave us with some words of wisdom.

If you have a book in you, let it out. The world needs to hear from you. The world needs to be impacted by you. It’s time.

To purchase your copy of Dreamers, Take Action! The blueprint to go from dreamer to doer please visit or Amazon.


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